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O.T. Ford[edit]

Generalist in world studies, based in Los Angeles, but originally from West Lafayette, in Hoosierland. Particular interest in recent history, geography, language and symbols, and the nature and practice of dominion. Proponent of transcendent rationalism, and its corollary, stewardship.

Primary locations of my work:
O.T. Ford — essays and commentaries
Earth as it is — research on the state of the world

And a personal page:
Of The Ford

Accuracy and neutrality will surely be accepted principles here, even if not fully implemented. I would further stress two things, one a matter of neutrality and the other a matter of accuracy:

1. News must be reported from a global perspective, even if this is the English version of Wikinews. Small matters happening in anglophone countries do not merit inclusion, while major events happening in non-anglophone countries do. This should probably be apparent, but it will likely be ignored by many anyway.

2. News, and background to news reports, must be about the world de facto. It does not matter, for instance, if every member of the United Nations agrees to recognize a particular “fact”. If it is not in accord with reality, then it is a biased viewpoint, regardless of how many “authorities” claim it.

I am primarily active in Wikipedia.