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I made my account on October 5, 2006. Also made an article on Mass grave with 51 bodies from the Nazi era found in Germany on October 6. I wrote my next article, Jamie Lee Curtis quits acting, on October 9. Tropical Storm Norman forms southwest of Baja California followed shortly after on the same day. I wrote Giant camel bones found in Syria late on October 10. (October 11 UTC). I finally wrote another article, Human remains found at World Trade Center on October 22 (October 23 UTC), which I didn't have time to make my best work. I finally had time to work on a decent article again on October 29, Deadly Typhoon Cimaron makes landfall in Luzon, though I didn't finish it until November 1. I got bored on November 4, and decided to write Subtropical storm strikes Washington because the storm was unique. Next up was Vietnam becomes 150th member of the World Trade Organization on November 7 (November 8 UTC). I decided to write "City Slickers" actor, Jack Palance, dies on November 11. U.S. Officials expect Fidel Castro not to live through 2007 came next on November 12. Then I went crazy like I often do and wrote UFDR rebels seize second town the same day (November 13 UTC). I alsomade Stephen Hawking believe going to other planets is necessary for human survival on December 1. I also made a template, {{TIME Person of the Year}}, on December 17. Maybe I should create a list for all the articles I've made.

I, Thunderhead, hereby award Icelandic Hurricane the Wikinews Picture Trophy for significant contributions to articles, and adding pictures to many articles.