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Be Wholesomely Connected![edit]

Be wholesomely connected with other people, with the Earth, and with Higher Power according to your understanding of it. If you are here to be wholesomely connected with me, welcome!

I am a revolutionary who is working to organize "lawful revolt" in the United States. This is real revolt with real fighting. But I fight with law and speech, not with bullets, and the fighting occurs in the courtroom and in the public forum. The objective of the revolution is to promote a moral transformation by organizing and empowering people who are willing to make a public commitment to living unselfishly and to eating with each other every 8 days. The organization will be an economic association for unselfish people.

To maximize my strength in the courtroom and to block "frame ups" and other attacks which abuse the clogged and corrupt courts in the United States, my life is literally "an open book". Practically every interaction that I have with another human being is in the public record, which consists of an archive of 55,000 voice recordings, emails, documents, videos, and pictures. The entire archive will be available to scholarly researchers after my death, and items not marked "confidential" are subject to publication at any time.

To manage my time efficiently and to guard my privacy, I do not use social networking environments. Unless I happen to be participating in a blog discussion, the only way to communicate with me without prior arrangement is via email or my talk page.

Pseudo-confidential communication is possible by prior arrangement, although the request itself will be in the public record. Any email sent to me is public record unless I have agreed to mark it as "confidential" in the archive.