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  • contain brief mention of the purpose of the category
  • prominently link to the topic page
  • include the contents of the Topic/Latest News page

Topic pages[edit]

  • contain expanded background of the topic
  • link to Wikipedia articles about the topic
  • include the contents of the Topic/Latest News page
  • show additional latest news Topic/Subtopic/Latest News for important topics with links to Topic/Subtopic pages
  • link to category under "See all articles" heading

Latest News pages[edit]

  • for example [[Africa/Latest News]]
  • includes 7 days, or 7 stories, whichever is greater, under each heading
    • include all stories from one week ago till now; if not enough, list up to seven stories
  • included where needed, optionally with __NOEDITSECTION__ to prevent section editing links



        [[w:Africa|]] is a continent...
        ==Latest News==
        {{:Africa/Latest News}}
        ==Topics in Africa==
        {{:Africa/AIDS/Latest News}}
        ==See all articles==
        * [[:Category:Africa]]

        News taking place in or about [[Africa]].
        ==Latest News==
        {{:Africa/Latest News}}
[[Africa/Latest News]]

        * Jan 5: [[Article 0|Major event in Africa]]
        * Jan. 7: [[Article]]
        * Dec. 4: [[Another article]]
        * Dec. 2: [[Yet another article]]
        * Dec. 27: [[Big article about some crime story]]
        * Dec. 17: [[Another article]]
        * Nov. 20: [[Someone died]]
        * Nov. 15: [[Tech article]]
        * Nov. 17: [[Something about sports]]
        <div style="text-align: right;">{{edit|Africa/Latest News}}</div>