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The disturbance on Forsmark 1 2006-07-25

The disturbance was initiated with that the became card inclination wide works in 400-kiloVolts-ställverket here in Forsmark. The blocks are socketed to the big force net via the tripod agency. The card inclination gave a considerable disturbance on the electricity systems and the error was linked automatically away. In the introduction stage took F1: s own central generators entirely over the electricity maintenance in F1, sows called house turbine operation.

Via a complicated development, the turbines and the electricity maintenance of the security systems were intercepted were taken over of two of the four reservkraftdieslarna. The four dieslarna will automatically provide the security systems with electric power about all electricity maintenance from extraneous net and general generators is absent but the functioned only on two.

The security systems are uppdelade in four divides, sows called subar, that each and a has 50% capacity. About all circuits and all dieslar functions that the will finns therefore in principle doubley so high capacity that what as actually is required. Through that two dieslar started automatically and functioned during the whole the disturbance process so each the no problems with cooling of the reactor or someone else security function.

The serious is that the the automatic electricity maintenance of the security systems was prevented partially of the error on the the extraneous electricity maintenance. Such a depending sheep not exist. Elmatningen was restored and the two remained dieslarna was started manually of the control room personnel after approximately 20 minutes and thereby where all electricity maintenance off the security systems restored.

The operation personnel handled the whole disturbance on an a lot of good ways.

Direct after the event was started an extensive analysis work. The reason to that the two dieslarna intercepted is determined and preparations in order to deal with the basis problem is taking place. Before F1 may be started will analysis and measures be presented in FKA security committee. Moreover, the event is soft soap carcass serious that Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate will examine and to approve the analysis and the measures before F1 may be started.

Further information is left of Anders Markgren, stf information manager Forsmark's Kraftgrupp Ltd, tel. 0173-820 09.