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Hi im james ville contributor of wikinews. Wikinews is a profoundly collaborative project. Our collaboration is different from the sort most familiar on Wikimedia sister projects, in which multiple users collaborate on a work by division of labor within the single task of authorship. Authorship of a Wikinews article is typically due to a single reporter — but without exception, every article we publish is a collaboration between reporter(s) and reviewer(s). There seems to me to be a very high correlation between contributors who embrace the collaborative reporter/reviewer relationship, and contributors who succeed on Wikinews. Those who see review as a bureaucratic stumbling block on the way to publishing the reporter's contribution are missing much of the essence and richness of the Wikinews experience. Even in the most straightforward review, the reviewer adds immense value by assuring the work has been carefully vetted by someone well versed in project standards and independent of the authorship of the article. The reviewer's copyedits and review comments on a passing review are tools for the enterprising reporter to apply to self-improvement. Feedback on a not-ready review can be, if anything, even more valuable — at least for future articles, but some of the most all-around rewarding collaborations on the project can be articles that were found not-ready, industriously improved by the reporter(s), and ultimately were published as distinctly stronger articles than they started out. To say nothing of the personal growth any review experience affords to the reviewer.