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Hi, I'm Juliancolton (talkcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoves). I'm an administrator and editor here at the English Wikinews, having edited since the middle of 2009. I was mainly active during the summer of that year and sort of lost interest over the winter, but I hope to become more active once again as hurricane season approaches. My main area of interest is meteorology, but I'll write about most anything that isn't too depressing or gruesome. You can also find me preforming general maintenance work around the wiki.

I often have some strange ideas for articles and sometimes defend them too vigorously, so feel free to offer me a cup of tea if I become argumentative. For a list of my articles that have been published, see Category:Julian Colton (Wikinewsie). Julian Colton is my real name but not the whole thing; I leave out my last name for security purposes. I'm accredited as "Julian Colton", which hopefully isn't too deceptive.

I'm also an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a few other places, which you can find here. I'm quite familiar with the admin tools, so if you need any help, feel free to ping me on my talk page.