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Unfortunately most preparations were lost by losing connection (while Thursdays allover Andorran internet issues).

Mainly i will show relevance according to my research, but shortened:

  • There were more than 1400 participants in 2014 in the for main event and more than 500 in the Solidarrace next day:
  1. Ronda dels Cims 2014: 310 participants, 185 finishers[1].
  2. Mític 2014: 299 participants, 156 finishers[2].
  3. Cerestrail 2014: 337 participants, 263 finishers[3].
  4. Marató dels Cims 2014: 552 participants, 527 finishers[4].
  • Spectators at the track, members of the participants clubs and families, people doing the same sport and other sports fans might sum up to more than the "some hundreds" mentioned in the policies.
  • Other media reporting on the Ultratrail in Andorra:
  1. Planet Mountain [5].
  2. Daily Motion [6].
  3. Ultra Mag [7].
  4. many more ...