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User skins
Cologne Blue Modern Monobook Myskin Nostalgia Classic Vector
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The idea of {{box}} is to create a pretty looking box that blends in with the current skin. Here are some prototypes for various skins — feel free to edit. Click the links above to try out different skins.

Cologne Blue

Cologne Blue is an alternative skin that is bundled with default MediaWiki installations.


An adaptation of the Modern skin is currently in use on the Wikimedia Toolserver wiki.


Monobook is the most famous Wikimedia skin, having been used for the longest period of time, since the inception of MediaWiki in 2005 up until it was superseded by Vector.


Myskin is a very basic skin, with CSS almost non-existent. It is generally used by users that wish to style their own skin from scratch.



Nostalgia is an attempt to replicate what Wikipedia looked link during its first iteration in 2001.


Classic is another skin for MediaWiki — anyone care to enlighten us about its history?


Vector is the current default skin of Wikinews, and was developed as part of the English Wikipedia Usability Initiative that took place during 2009–2010.