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The following are my opinions and beliefs on some controversial issues in the news today. Keep in mind that these are in no way associated with the views held by Wikinews or the Wikimedia Foundation, and I, user MrMiscellanious, take full credit and responsibility for what is posted here.

I stole this idea from NGerda (who probably stole it from someone else :P), however I believe it is important for Wikinewsies to express their opinions and beliefs in an open fashion in order for better attempts of reaching NPOV for the community, and as a way for others to get better acquainted with the user.

To request my opinion on an issue not seen below, or to start a discussion on any of the topics, please use this page's talk page.

My Beliefs/Opinions



  • I believe that Wikinews is a great concept, however I am disgusted in the lack of neutral point of view articles. While we are the only news source trying to make a difference in this field, it seems as though our progress is lacking. More attempts need to be made to keep the stories straight and not lean to any side.

Wikinews Community

  • A very wise wiki-Philosopher once stated that "Wikinews is not about articles, but about developing and maintaining an online community" [1]. Although some users have used this as an attack against the user, it brings great credence to the fact that this is a collaborative project, and without a community that understands all of its users, our articles don't mean a thing. With the absence of a community, there are more disputes abroad, and writing articles will suffer because of it. In my opinion, we should be viewing these words as guidelines for the whole wiki to view.


  • I believe in pro-life causes and movements, and wish that others do not deny the unborn a right to grow and continue their lives. As soon as the sperm meets the egg, life has began - and anything anyone does to prohibit that life from growing is commiting murder. I do find a cause to perform an abortion, if the mother's life is in danger of being delivered either naturally or by C-section.

Flag Burning

  • I believe others should have a sense of patriotism of their nation, however if they do not, I wish that those persons would respect the views of those who may see burning of a certain flag as offensive. Freedom of speech pertains to speech, not actions. As such, I believe offensive acts shouldn't be deliberately performed, and therefore I shall object to the burning of any nations' flag in any territory.


  • I believe there is a fundamental reason for the founding fathers of the United States to give us an amendment right to the ownership of firearms. Myself a hunter, I believe guns should be allowed to anyone who hasn't committed a felony or a dangerous misdemeanor. Furthermore, I find the restrictions set on purchase of handgun ammo in the state of Michigan to be useless to restrict those under 21 from purchasing the ammo.

Legalization of cannabis

  • I do not believe that cannabis should be legal within the United States for recreational use.

Stem-cell research

  • I believe that stem-cell research can be extraordinary to the advancement of medical procedures, however I disagree with the way that many stem-cells are being donated. If a stem-cell operation can be done with the persons' own cells, and not involving any aborted fetuses, I do not oppose any said procedures.

Homosexual relationships

  • I do not believe in the sanctity of homosexual relationships. As stated in Genesis chapter 2 of the Bible, God created woman to be as a companion for man, and to be the only companion for man. Therefore, I do not approve of homosexuality and do not believe in it to be a chaste way to live life.

Homosexuality and marriage

  • I do not believe that homosexual partners should be granted the right to marriage, as explained in the Bible on Genesis 2:24 (KJV): "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." As marriage is an institution by God in my views, and not a legal issue.

Separation of Church and state

  • There has been a demise in family and values simply because some members like to associate them with a political side. Therefore, a separation of church and state is important - however small items (like the display of the 10 commandments in courts) should be permissible.


  • I do not believe in the passion of killing many to prove a point. Terrorism is an issue that the whole world deals with, however it doesn't have to be that way.

War on Iraq

  • I believe the US should continue to occupy Iraq until the country can be stabilized into governing and protecting itself, and that people shouldn't force the process along.

Extraterrestrial activity

  • I believe there is a highly-secure military base at "Area 51", however I do not believe in the Alien conspiracies about the area. Additionally, I do not believe there was any extraterrestrial activity at Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940's, nor any other "UFO sightings" that have been acclaimed by people. My explanation is that other human beings that like to pull pranks do so on unsuspecting persons and result in these claims.