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The ideas an opinions expressed below, do not represent the views of Wikinews, but those of User:Neutralizer. If you feel that you may be offended by one's personal beliefs, please, do NOT read on.

historical facts


w:Occam's razor thinking encouraged. No assumptions opens up clarity of deductive reasoning. Maybe the war in Iraq has gone exactly the way the Bush regime wanted and expected it to, for example. Ever consider that?

Here are some puzzle pieces;

  • Some people/govs. make money and expand territorial control from wars.
  • Takes 2 to make a war and scare peoples into accepting classism or fascism; when USSR was folding in the 80s, an "evil" replacement was "on-deck evil empire" so to speak..if global war and fear mongering were to continue.
  • Bin laden's mujadeen were financed by Saudis and Bush Sr.'s team in the 80s[1] (15 of the hijackers were Saudi)- exactly the 2 groups of people to most benefit from high oil profits(Bush family from their oil holdings as well as mammoth political contributions from Exxon etc.)
  • oil was $21. per barrel sep.10,2001; it's $72. a barrel today.

  • Scotland Yard's motto is; "To solve a major crime, follow the money". Much of the money made from defense spending and high oil prices has gone directly to the 2 entities which fertilized the jihadists throughout the 80s and 90s; the House of Saud and the House of Bush.
  • Saddam was financed by USAGOV in the 80s and lured by Bush Sr.[2] into the Kuwait attack (then double crossed..double cross being part of S&B's logo and modus operandi)
  • In 1942 US illiteracy rate was 3%; today it's 18%

Note; excerpt below was part of pedia's Skull and Bones article (relating to S&B's stated goals for the USA's public educational system) for years until a sanitizing team removed it about a month ago. "In the Prussian strategy, the whole population is categorized into three "educational castes" to formulate future easier elite control of the population.

1. those who will be policy makers, who are taught to think (0.5%),

2. those who will be engineers, lawyers, doctors--who are taught to partially think, only for accreditation in specialized topics (5.5%), and

3. the children of the masses, who are to be taught how to follow orders (94%)."

  • Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are not democracies, Lebanon and Palestine are democracies. USAGOV rushed to defend Kuwait and Saudi Arabia; nothing to help Lebanon or Palestine.
  • Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of Wahhabism religion
  • Taliban's afghanistan produced almost no opium in 2001; production is up 1,000%+ since the US led coalition took over. CIA says opium is the primary funding for al-queda; puppet enemies need lots of money to maintain a credible global threat. Stupid western analysts never ask "if the Taliban could stop it,why can't the US led coalition?"
  • 12 year Vietnam War was sold on the fear of "red" china and the "domino theory". China's still red and 50,000 americans were sacrificed
  • Soon more americans will have been killed in Iraq than on 9/11
  • Killing lots of muslim civilians breeds/ensures more enemies for future battles
  • Civil war was not about freeing slaves; Lincoln only freed the ones in the southern sates a year after the war and never freed the ones in the neutral and northern states...civil war was about increased federal powers and less states' rights
  • USAGOV has always been controlled by classist and sadistic cult members[3]. Same guys[4] from the same cult engineer the wars and make money from the wars;[5][6][7][8]
  • The USA is responding to the aging and already deposed sheikdoms of the Middle East while they are in the midst of an emerging population of cultural revolution in an stategic region of global energy supply. The offering from the USA is democracy, to a cultural and religious heritage that eschews westernism. Symbolically, if Israel is gone, perhaps the biggest wound will be healed. -Edbrown05 05:57, 21 July 2006 (UTC)

NPOV sources to counteractWesternGovs/Israeli pov


Repititious brutality thrives upon collective amnesia


Human Rights Watch September 1997 Vol. 9, No. 8(E)

"SUMMARY; In this report, Human Rights Watch examines the activities of Israeli military forces and Lebanese guerrillas during the escalation of military activities that raged in Lebanon and parts of northern Israel from April 11 to 27, 1996 -- code-named "Operation Grapes of Wrath" by Israel. Israeli pilots carried out 600 air raids with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and artillery units fired some 25,000 shells into Lebanese territory. Some 154 civilians were killed in Lebanon, and another 351 injured. The guerrillas fired 639 Katyusha rockets into Israel. There were no Israeli civilian deaths, although three Israeli women sustained serious injuries."

Amnesty International's report

For the past 20 years Israel kills about 10 muslim civilians for every 1 Israeli civilian killed. The 10-1 ratio is holding up in the 2006 bloodbath as well.

Israel has killed over 700 Palestinian children just in the new millenium [13]

USAGOV has such a high civilian body count in its wars that, by comparison, Israel seems like a saint. USAGOV killed over 500,000 vietnamese civilians and already tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians...and with its demonic overuse of depleted uranium weaponry and land mines; USAGOV keeps killing the children even after the wars are over. Neutralizer 22:46, 24 July 2006 (UTC)

Just the facts;"Who started it?"


Are Hezbaollah that much better at avoiding killing civilians ? They only killed 51% civilians(and 49% enemies) while Israel is at 90% civilians (and only 1% enemies).

I already knew Israel traditionally kills about 10 times as many civilians each year as Hamas and Hezbaollah do. I also imagine most westerners know this to be a fact. The graphic shows the civilian deaths in this "war" to also be about 10-1 in favour of the Israeli attacks which I doubt is surprising to many of us. What does surprise me is the stupidity of people to either accept or try to get others to accept the theory that there is some sort of moral equivalency in these results. I doubt that if someone kidnapped a cousin of mine that I could use that in court as justification for murdering 10 distant relatives of the guy who kidnapped my cousin. Anyone who uses their brain would be laughing at Israel's ,UK's and USA's daily changing excuses for bombing and killing civilians("Self-defence";"spreading democracy";"wmds";"searching for our soldiers") unless they've become like the German citizens living near Auschwitz in 1940 watching the parades of innocents going to daily slaughter but still in denial as to what their fascist leaders are actually doing to children and other innocents. Then they wouldn't be laughing; just peeking out their windows watching their soldiers leading innocent children and old people to the house of horrors (1940) or watching western news footage of dropping missles on the heads of children and old people(2006).

Western media people also seem to be quite stupid or facilitating in their apparent malleability in accepting "spin" as to who starts these wars; e.g. in Israeli soldier taken captive we have this; "....have claimed responsibility for the raid and Gilad Shalit's subsequent capture, although they have not confirmed that they are holding him themselves. Hamas claimed that the operation was in response to the recent deaths of civilians and the targeted killings of two militant leaders." which is supported by thisbut ever since then all our Wikinews articles state as fact that Israel was attacked first. I still remember the Palestinian kids blown up on the beach, don't you? [14]

"You hit me first!" It's not a NPOV publication's place to report as fact who hit who first in an ongoing bitter fight (especially when there is a dispute about who started this altercation) and when we do we are no longer NPOV. Here are a few of our published assertions that Israel got hit first.

  • The crisis began when Hezbollah militants made an incursion into Israel, capturing two soldiers patrolling the northern border.
  • The deaths occurred on the fifth day of Israel's military attacks in Lebannon, instigated by the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers and killing of 8 others by the Shiite Hezbollah in a cross-border attack.
  • Israel is continuing its offensive in the Gaza strip against Hamas after a soldier named Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in a raid, June 2006.

If Hezbaollah had blown up as many children as Israel or the US have in the middle east in the past few years I think the coverage would look quite different. If Hezbaollah had blown up 4 American children vacationing in Israel a few days ago and then blamed it on Israel, I think the coverage would be quite different.

Bottom line..either most western media people are

  • 1;incredibly stupid or
  • 2;incredibly biased in their reporting
  • I think it's the latter. Neutralizer 17:55, 19 July 2006 (UTC)
Welcome to Wikinews, where we say "fuck it!" to traditional biased reporting. Or at least try our best. Wikinews being as young as it is means less contributors and most Western Hemisphere contributors, which may cause systemic bias. But once we're a bit older than 2 years old, we'll get more contributors. —this is messedr͏ocker (talk) 18:46, 20 July 2006 (UTC)

Taboo subject matter


At some point western media may wish to become more credible and part of that process will be to include in news articles taboo subject matter such as ;

  • Israel has nuclear weapons
  • USAGOV no longer fits the definition of a democracy
  • Many USAGOV leaders are and were members of occult societies (just look at the back of a 1 dollar bill)
  • Bush fortune was made by financing and supplying Hitler's rise to power
  • Opium funds terrorists; Afghan production is up 1,000% since western invasion.
  • Rich and powerful send the poor to fight and die.
  • USAGOV has killed more civilians and crippled more children over the past 50 years than any other country in the world.
  • USAGOV economy is collapsing under statistically unmanageable debt; only 2 ways out; 1;bankruptcy (allowing dollar to become worthless) or 2; crime (stealing assets of other countries)
For profit News media's goal is NOT to be credible, it is to be PROFITABLE. MyName 19:09, 26 July 2006 (UTC)
That’s why I read Wikinews ;)
Yes, that is exactly right.
Actually, I think people who read this bit should read The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. --Brian McNeil / talk 19:24, 26 July 2006 (UTC)
Just a remarque, i don't think this subjects are taboo in France and into many others Westerns countries (yes, France is still a Western country, no ? (smile)). So please don't generalize very english specific concern (problem). This is why some actions from GB or US are not very understood in many country.
Want another taboo subjet, for a France centric POV of course ! (smile) ? During WWII, US government made a deal with Cosa Nosta mafia in order to control spy from Nazi and Italy. 'til now, mafia is in control New-Yord City Port. I watch a TV "report" on the subject. Is this considered as a false info, or a well known fact into english speaking countries ?
May be you know thinks about France i don't know ! Jacques Divol
I know the Auguste Rodan museum in Paris is fantastic; have you been? Neutralizer 03:42, 27 July 2006 (UTC)
see ! no i don't visit this museum ... ;) Jacques Divol 09:42, 28 July 2006 (UTC)
Please go as soon as possible (closed Mondays I think); it is sculpture like no other; Musée Rodin 79 Rue de Varenne 75007 ParisTelephone: 01 44 18 61 10

Neutralizer 13:35, 28 July 2006 (UTC)



w:Occam's razor thinking encouraged. No assumptions opens up clarity of deductive reasoning.




Being an american, I used to be in denial about it...but now;

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Occult symbols on U.S.$1.bill; latin translation= new world order

Skull and Bones [15] [16]File:Skull1.squarejpg.jpg

w:William Huntington Russell, the world's opium kingpin, (note; ever since Russell's reign opium profits have been used by the boners as secret source financings for their organized crime buddies and geopolitical tricks/wars), was recruited while in Germany by The Bavarian Illuminati to start a branch in the USA in 1832. At that time there was a strong push to outlaw secret societies (see w:Anti-Masonic Party) so Russell set it up as a university fraternity which allowed secrecy under the guise of harmlessness. The multi-generational objective of the Illuminati and Skull and Bones has always been to establish centralized global control within the hands of the super elite (the w:French Revolution scared the shit out of the w:aristocracy) and to engineer wars and other geopolitical events (9/11 and Iraq invasion) which would move the world's peoples toward this "new world order". The basic platform for the new w:Classism would be for sham democracies (like we have in America) to be established worldwide and then slowly integrated into one global sham democracy (wars and indebtedness being used to sheepize the public). Many Boners have chosen education management as a career path as the dumbing down of the voters is an important ingredient in achieving the objective. Many others have chosen corrupt financial markets as their vehicle for redistributing wealth from working people to the elite. Here are just a few Boners who have been instrumental in transforming America into a classist non-democracy of 2 identical political parties where secrecy from the people w:National Security Act of 1947 and foreign policy (global policeman) not asked for, wanted, nor determined (see w:Council on Foreign Relations) by the american people are the order of the day in 2006; so much so that our USA GOV no longer gives a flyin'f__k what american citizens think about anything; whether it be illegal immigrant workers, outsourcing american jobs, health care or wars in Iraq.

w:Prescott Bush(WW2 engineer),w:George Herbert Walker(WW2 engineer),w:Averill Harriman(WW2 and Vietnam War engineer)w:Henry Luce(Time Life)w:George Herbert Walker, Jr.(WW2 engineer)w:George Herbert Walker Bush(Planted,fertilized puppet enemies binLaden and Saddam, engineered Gulf War and left it open-ended),w:George W. Bush(engineering WW3 and getting opium production going again in Afghanistan)w:William Bundy(Vietnam War engineer)w:McGeorge Bundy(Vietnam War engineer)w:Henry L. Stimson(Nuclear arms race promoter and Korean war engineer; decided to drop 2 A bombs on Japan civilians in quick succession while protecting the wealth and freedom of Illuminati nazis like Alfried Krupp after WW2 )w:Robert A. Lovett(promoted Nuclear arms race, left Korean War open-ended; also was the chief architect of the National Security Act and CIA)w:Percy Rockefeller,w:John Rockefeller Prentice, & w:William H. Donaldson (wealth transfer from working people to the elite) w:John F. Kerry(I still think he will be the WW3 "closer" (president elect); but if not, he already has contributed as a w:Shill to keep the war train going in 2004; he also protected Bush Sr. from prosecution in the Iran Contra affair.

In the Capitalist strategy


the whole population is categorized into three "educational castes" to formulate future easier elite control of the population.

1. those who will be policy makers, who are taught to think (0.5%),

2. those who will be engineers, lawyers, doctors--who are taught to partially think, only for accreditation in specialized topics (5.5%), and

3. the children of the masses, who are to be taught how to follow orders (94%).

The Capitalist educational system in the United States was idealized as a strategic tool to demote political and intellectual equality and to reformulate an aristocratic society in novel formal institutions. It could even be called a "de-educational" model, because it promotes a society that is endemically uneducated and trained mostly to follow someone else's centralized instructions thoughtlessly.

How we got where we are

  • Step 1; 1980's; George Bush Sr.(Skull and Bones 1948)'s cia and foreign policy group created,financed,supported puppet bin Laden's mujadeen while the House of Saud financed fundamental Wahabi schools throughout the world.
  • Step 2; 1990's Puppet Saddam was encouraged to invade Kuwait giving the House of Saud a credible reason to ask the Bush gang to set up military bases on Saudi holy land.
  • Step 3; Leave Saddam in power to justify leaving the US military all over Saudi holy land.
  • Step 4; Puppet Islamofascist bin Laden and other bred islamofascists reacted predicably to the "pollution" of their holy land by then targeting the USA
  • Step 5; 2000's Let 9/11 happen
  • Step 6; George W. (Skull and Bones 1968)'s neo-cons react to 9/11 by castrating civil rights, passing fascist laws and manufacturing excuses for invasions to expand territorial control and breed more puppet enemies.\

Results thus far; US has expanded its territorial control to include Afghanistan and Iraq. US public has accepted loss of civil rights including freedoms of speech, press, association and, most of all, assembly. Extreme wealth redistribution from the middle and lower classes to those of the upper class whose companies profit from high priced oil,wars and security services. Incredibly, within just 17 years of the collapse of the last puppet global "evil empire" and "global war on communism" a new global "evil threat" has been manufactured out of a bunch of rag-tag camel herders into a "global war on terrorism". Call the skull and bones cultsters anything you like; but never call them stupid.