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About me

You're looking at a live webcam feed of my house.
Image: Planoneck.

I got a butterfly.
Image: Steven Fruitsmaak.

Hey there. My name's called Planoneck, but in meatspace I go by Taylor. I'm a 14-year old male living in Dallas, Texas, United States. I'm also probably the only Hispanic guy in the world who thinks My Chemical Romance doesn't suck.

I'm an admin, but I usually don't find myself doing admin-type stuff. Most of the work I do around here is writing articles. I generally focus on so-called hard news, especially politics, but I'll write about whatever's interesting to me that day.

Oh yeah, you can view all my articles here.

I like diversity in my news reporting: my articles range from Socialists win second term as Spain's ruling party to Vietnam bans pet hamsters. I try not to single out any one location or topic in my reporting, but I often feel like writing more on stuff I'm personally concerned about, like the crisis in Zimbabwe, the human rights issues in China, or the U.S. Presidential election.

The only subject I'll probably never touch is economy, mainly because it's boring and I know nothing about it. Other than that, pretty much anything is fair game.

Occasionally I'll pull out a nice OR piece gleaned from primary sources on the internet. But don't count on it, because that takes a lot of time, and even during the summer, time is something I rarely seem to have. Look for even less activity when school starts in August; my class schedule basically amounts to an AP suicide.

I'm pretty surprised by how much I've learned just by researching and writing articles here. Before, I didn't even know who Robert Mugabe was. Now I can hold up a conversation on his actions and how they affected the political state of southern Africa. (It sounds nerdy because it is.) It's a certain type of knowledge that you can't get by just watching or reading the news.

Speaking of articles, why not write one?
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Other stuff I sometimes do: delete crap, copyedit articles, make necessary edits to protected pages, update the main page leads, revert vandals, etc.

If you're really feeling bored, you can check out my views on various topics. Be warned, I haven't updated it in a while and I probably never will. But it's still there for anyone's viewing.


I try to make my articles as unbiased, factual, and well-written as possible, but I'm still prone to a lot of stupid mistakes. If you come across any of these mistakes, please tell me. Or better yet, fix the mistake yourself if you have time. I'm still pretty new at the whole journalism thing, and your feedback is always appreciated. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help or tell me of anything that needs to be done. That's what my talk page is for.

Anyway, long live Wikinews!