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Well... this is apparently my User Page.

I'm a 19-year-old student from Canberra, Australia where I "study" (I don't like to give myself too much credit!) at the Australian National University.

I'm a writer by trade, wishful thinking though it may be!

At the moment I have little to say although, knowing myself, that will change.



My key interests - which have served me well at Wikipedia, and will hopefully do the same here - are Major League Baseball, Television news, New York and LGBT issues. We'll see how things pan out from there.

Feel free to give me a yell if you like something I've done or, alternately, if you absolutely loathe something. I look forward to it!

Quick Question


If anyone feels like answering, is this Live in Oceania category I have appropriate? Or should I really have some kind of special qualification to be using it? I am live. And, until fate smiles upon me, I'm also in Oceania. Works for me!