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Monday, March 28[edit]


  • A 9-year, $1.35B Human Cancer Genome Project is proposed. Proponents include Eric S. Lander of Cambridge, MA's Broad Institute. Opponsnets include Craig Venter. the project would sequence the DNA of thousands of tumor samples, looking for relevant mutations.
  • The first phase of the US Army's Future Combat Systems project is projected to cost $150B, plus an additional $25B for related communications infrastructure, Army officials said Saturday. Congress is now questioning the need for such a complex and expensive program.
  • A group of US financiers agreed to buy technology provider SunGard Data Systems for $11.3B, according to executives involved. This is the largest leveraged buyout since RJR Nabisco was bought in 1989 by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company, and the largest ever involving the collaboration of more than one firm.
  • A recently proposed plan to divert water from the Sao Francisco River basin in Brazil to the more arid parts of the country's interior has met with resistance. Environmental and business interests both oppose the plan.
  • Cairo police struggle against pro-democracy rallies today as thousands of protesters gathered to demand political reform and free presidential elections. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, had planned a demonstration in front of the Parliament building. Police turned out to keep protesters away from the building, but rallies were held in two other locations in the city.
  • In anticipation of a Security Council vote on trying alleged Darfur war criminals at the International Criminal Court, Sudan announced today it would reject any UN resolution that required war crimes suspects to be tried abroad. Sudanese foreign minister Mustafa Osman Ismail said, "Any resolution that is going to include the taking of a Sudanese -- whether he is a rebvel or government official -- outside the Sudan: we are totally against it." In contrast, some rebel groups are in favor of the resolution. Tajeddin Nyam, of the rebel group "Justice and Equality of Movement," said he thought the resolution would contirbute to peace. The draft resolution before the UNSC was drafted by the French delegation, and is expected to be voted on this week.
  • Mexico triumphed over the US in a World Cup qualifying match, witha 2-1 victory.
  • Obits: Lord James Callaghan; Georgeanna S. Jones
    Callaghan, 93: elder Labor Party statesman, 3 yrs as PM
    Jones, 92: half of husband-and-wife team that pioneered in vitro fertilization.