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Here is my stance on today's issues.

I am a very staunch liberal.


A woman should have the choice to abort her baby. I believe that the baby should be aborted after sex or before the trimester of something, I forget. I mean if it's fully grown and it's getting nutrients fed... that's murder. Though mostly I'm pro-choice.

Gay marriage[edit]

Gays should be able to marry if they want to. Though... I wish my state (Masssahcusetts) had waited until after the election to decide this. I believe this was one of the factors that might have caused John Kerry to lose the election and keeping us another four years with this idiot.

Gun control[edit]

If people want to have guns they should... I'll admit I like guns. Though, people who have comittied crimes in the past with a gun and are violent should not be able to buy a gun (though I dobut it may work). I also agree that there should be smart guns so things such as school shootings wouldn't occur when Lil' Bobby get his hands on his Dad's gun and decides to tear up the elementary/middle/high school. Of course, NRA fuckheads don't want this.


I am agnostic. I was formerly, a Lapsed Catholic. My dad claimed we were agnostic about a year ago and I have agreed with this. Though officaly, he says were non-practicing, you could consider him a Deist.

Though, then again, I might consider myself to be Lasped Catholic/Agnostic.

War on Iraq[edit]

From day one, I knew we shouldn't have gone in there. There was nothing wrong with Iraq. The people were happy, even if there were being tourtred by Saddam's thugs, the majority was happy, and with the no-fly zones, the Kurds and the majority of Shiites were safe from attack by Saddam. I have a cousin who is currently serving in Iraq or is going to, my dad and uncle don't get along so I haven't seen that much. If he is killed, I will be never the same and the President will pay. I will throttle that fucking bastard till he turns fucking blue and passes out. Well, maybe not that extreme but I will give him a bitchslap If I ever end up in a function with him shaking hands.


I support Immigration into the United States of America as they are a valuable contribution to the American workforce.

Northern Ireland[edit]

Why this special category you ask? I am a third-generation Irish-American who grew in a republican/nationalist house hold. My father fueled my passion for my hertiage which I am very proud of. Today, you could consider me a moderate Republican Nationalist. I support only the Provisional Irish Republican Army and not Real IRA or Continunity IRA. I believe that the time for bombings have passed in Northern Ireland. Some bombings I believe were necessary, while others I believe were a waste of human life. However, the British have committed many of their own attrocities in Northern Ireland and Ireland, which have never brought to the world's attention. I also show disdain for movies where the IRA is used as a plot device, such as Ronin or Patriot Games (especially, this movie as the IRA would never attack an American, because it would esentially kill off any Irish-American support, especially since Jack Ryan is an Irish Catholic in Clancy's books.) So yes, I apporve of the use of violence sometimes, then negotiation when the other party is liable for talks. However, I am glad that the IRA has put it's arms beyond it's use and I believe it is time that the Loyalist paramilitaries do the same.