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I am a wikipedian at heart, and thats where my primary user page is. Please check out my user page at wikipedia: Teamcoltra this will be the best way to learn more about me, and its also where I show more up-to-date (and real time) stats. This page is here for reference.
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OMG Teamcoltra is so bad... like WTF they wouldn't even do these things in EUROPE.
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My name is Travis McCrea I am an Idaho resident, who also lives in Washington, and Alaska. I am currently going to school to obtain my public administration (With a focus on Political Science) degree. I love to write, fight for digital rights.

Educationally, I love History (and do civil war re-enactments), English, and Politics.

My areas of knowledge are: Civil War History, Personal Empowerment, US Political Law, Aviation (Ground Services, and Bush Airlines/Planes), Digital Rights (DRM, Copyright, Privacy Law), and Relationships.

Working on


Nothing on this project, please hit me up if you are interested in starting something.

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Channels in bold are my primary channels, the other channels are channels that I auto-connect to so if you already are in them you can find me.

As "TeamColtra"

[edit] - #Corporation, #TFD, #NADC - #lolz, #linuxmint-chat, #linuxmint-help - #FAN - ##Club-Ubuntu, ##php, #ubuntu, #python, #e107

As "TravisMcCrea"

[edit] - #Promotions-Office, #USPirateParty, #Canada

As "Coltra"

[edit] - I am typically connected to this network, but I am rarely in a channel in particular, just there for my friends.



AIM - TeamColtra, TeamyFromIdaho
MSN - teamcoltra(at)
GTalk - teamcoltra(at)
YIM -,



You can use the email function via this page, or you can send me an email directly at teamcoltra(at) (if the email is wiki related, please send it to teamcoltra+wiki(at) and I will be able to respond faster, as it gets a special label).

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<ShadowTale> it's awful. it's like wtf they don't even do that in europe