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The following message was submitted at to inquire about validity of a copyright release statement made on Wikinews.

To whom it may concern, 

I am a volunteer administrator for an online 
collaborative news publishing site Wikinews 
( )

On our site, there is an article posted by an 
anonymous user which matches with yours. 
There appeared another posting who claim 
to be the owner of the TechPad Agency sites 
and copyright holder of sites' contents. 
He released all the necessary rights for Wikinews. 

The article is substantial and well written. I 
would be glad to learn that the copyright 
is properly released. If it is not, however, Wikinews 
contents are disseminated with a free license, 
letting others make use of it and further infringe 
copyright holders' rights. 

I am writing you to request to confirm the 
validity of the copyright release. 

The article is available at:

Corresponding article on your site is here:

The copyright release made by the claimed owner 
of TechPad Agency sites is stated here:

Please let me know at **(Tomos' email address suppressed)** 
if you agree that the copyright is properly released 
regarding the article posted on Wikinews. 

I thank you in advance for your kind responce. 

Sincerely Yours,