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Issue Feedback
Wikilinks * The article needs wikilinks to important concepts, often most easily identifiable because they are proper nouns like people's names or place locations. This can be done like this ( {{w|Spain|this}} . More information on how to do this can be found at Wikilinking an article.
Not matching article look * You're missing some key formatting issues with your article, including possibly things like a picture, crediting the photographer for a picture, an infobox, wikilinks, source formatting, missing categories, etc. You're strongly encouraged to read recently published articles to get a better idea on how your story should look. You may also want to read the style guide which gives more information on how to actually add those things.
No Categories * The article has no or few categories. All Wikinews articles belong in at least two categories. The first is a regional category like North America or Oceania or Europe or the Middle East. The second is a topic category like Politics and conflict or Sports or Disasters and accidents‎. When adding categories, please keep in mind you should not create a category and you should only use existing categories. You may want to search and find articles similar to yours to get an idea for what categories you can add.
One or no sources * For synthesis reporting, Wikinews requires a minimum of two sources to verify the major details found in the lede including WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY this is news. This article currently has no sources or only one source. Please find a second source that verifies the facts found in the article lede.
Generic headline * The headline is highly generic. The headline should tell the most important and unique thing. For perspective, keep in mind that a Wikinews headline has to be unique for all time — it seems this headline could possibly be used for a number of articles now or at various times in the next few years. Please consider renaming the article. If you cannot, please leave a comment on the talk page with what you would like the article renamed to.
Lede * The lede, which should briefly summarize the focal news event by succinctly answering as many as reasonably possible of the basic questions about it such as who, what, where, when and why this is news, needs to be expanded. It currently does not answer one or more of these questions.
Source formatting * The sources in the article are not properly formatted. The source template looks like this:
 *{{source  |url    = insert_url_here  |title  = insert_title_here  |author = insert_author_here  |pub    = insert_publisher_here  |date   = insert_date_here}} 
The fields should be filled out as completely as possible, with acronyms like ABC and AP spelled out for international audiences. The date should not include a time. Dates should be consistently formatted, using either DAY MONTH YEAR or MONTH DAY, YEAR. Authors should be included if known using FIRST NAME LAST NAME using Capital Case. For two authors, the names should be seperated using the word and.
Image credit * There is no credit for the photographer of the picture you included on the article. Please add this by putting {{image credit|PHOTOGRAPHER NAME}} in the image description.
Red-link categories * English Wikinews only publishes stories in blue linked categories. If your category is red linked, it means the category does not exist. This is either because of a typo/capitalization error, or because there have not been three articles identified as being about the subject. Please take a look at various existing categories and add those. At the same time, please remove the red linked categories.
Newsworthiness * The article does not clearly establish when the events described took place. More information needs to be included in the first paragraph to address the when issue, because this is what makes a story newsworthy.
No wikilinks * The article includes no wikilinks to local content or Wikipedia content that would provide the reader with supplemental information. These can be added by putting [[brackets]]</ref> around key geographical places and people where a Wikinews category already exists. For example, [[Europe]]. It can also be done by placing <nowiki>{{squiggly brackets}} around names and places where a Wikipedia article exists. If a Wikinews category exists, then the {{squiggly brackets}} will automatically link to that instead. For example, Europe and Reese Witherspoon.
No picture * While not required, it would be nice if a relavant picture could be added to the article. Please consider searching Commons and adding an image to the article. Remember to give credit by putting {{image credit|PHOTOGRAPHER NAME}} in the image description.
Not attributed * There is information in the article that says it comes from sources, but the article does not say whom the sources are. Whom provided information should always be provided where available, and if not, the news agency reporting it should be listed as a source.
Officials * The article uses the term officials without providing clarity as to whom these officials are. This term is vague and often does not let the reader know who is providing the information. This should be clarified to be more explicit as to who the officials are (where they work, what level of government they are involved in, where they are located) or whom quoted these officials (According to officials quoted by the Associated Press, ...).
Raw links * The article includes external links in the body. If these are sources, they need to be removed and listed in the source section. If these are malformed links to Wikipedia content, this can be fixed be like this: this ( {{w|Spain|this}} . More information on how to do this can be found at Wikilinking an article.
Stale * The article sources indicate it is stale, and not news because the sources are older than 2 days. More recent sources dating to the past 48 hours should be found, and the article reconceptualized around this more recent information.
Opinions not attibuted * The article contains text that suggests opinions that are not attributed. This may include facts like is believed without saying is believed by whom.
General problems
Before resubmitting your article, you may want to go through this checklist. It provides additional information about what reviewers are looking for. If you can check everything off this list before hitting submit, you will greatly increase your chances of the article getting published.
Copyright violation / plagiarism
There are concerns that this article may contain plagiarism. This one page guide has some ideas for you so you can fix this article and avoid repeating the problem in the future.
This video gives another perspective on how to avoid plagiarizing while contributing to Wikinews
A short explanation as to what news is in a Wikinews context. This may be helpful when trying to figure out how to keep your article from going stale.