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Hello, my name is Tadej Persic (or Tadej Peršič to be precise, well, and sometimes even Ivan Tadej Peršič-Kandus) and I am a 34 years old male, born on July 13 1980. I grew up in Ljubljana (my country's capital city), Slovenia, which is a country located in the heart of EU. I am a student at the College for Architecture, which is a part of the Univerza v Ljubljani (in English this means University in Ljubljana).

With regard to computers, I am interested in just about everything related to basic programming and scripting, like batch programming, Vbscript, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, ABC, etc.), while I also enjoy customizing and tweaking my operating systems and similar. I mainly use Windows XP, but occasionally I also use Linux (the Slackware distribution). Otherwise I like mystics and stuff, I like to listen to various types of music, watch movies and television series, while South Park, Dilbert, Futurama, and Simpsons are currently my favorites. In my spare time I like to browse the World Wide Web (news and tech websites, post on various Internet forums), go to the nature, meet with my friends, and smoke herbs. In the paragraphs further below, there are also listed links to my various Wiki profiles (account home or user pages), to my blogs, and to the various variants of my three different websites.

My Wiki Stuff[edit]

I will begin this section with a link User:Wayfarer: to this very page that you are reading right now, then follows the link to my account's home/user-page User:Wayfarer: at Wikinews, then there is a link to my user-page Uporabnik:Wayfarer: on Slovenian variant of Wikipedia encyclopedia; see here for the main/front-page: Glavna stran.

And there are of course other Wiki-type sites on which I mainly use a nick "Satyr-wayfarer"; that's because my nick-name on "Lost In The Box", "MozillaZine", and "CastleCops" forums is satyr, while on all the Wikis it's Wayfarer except for the last two created Wiki-accounts. The links below are ordered by the date of registration. So as first here is a link to my account's page User:Wayfarer: at "SourceWatch" website, and then there are links to User:Satyr-wayfarer: at "CastleCops" Wiki, then to my account's page User:Satyr-wayfarer: at "Mozilla" Wiki, and my user-page User:Satyr-wayfarer: at "Mozilla Developer", and finally there are links to User:Satyr-wayfarer: at "bb4win" Wiki, and to User:Satyr: at "Ghisler" Wiki.

My En/Si Blogs[edit]

At first I'll list my account/user page Twitter satyr: at "Twitter" website, which is also some sort of a blog. And then there's my main English SY tayiper's blog: on "Senserely Yours" ad revenue sharing community website (since this is an English variant of Wikipedia); in it I write about diverse non-specific topic, like about recent experiences with my computer (i.e. things that I've recently discovered, errors that I've coped with etc.), the "going ons" from my life from last few days and so on. I have other blogs in English too, like for instance my K5 satyr's diary: blog/diary on "kuro5hin" (or shortly K5) website/portal where I also don't write about anything specific, then there's my SF satyr_moz's blog: blog on "Spread Firefox" community portal where I write about my experiences Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird programs, CC satyr's blog: on "CastleCops" etc., which are all as you can see more or less community-oriented blogs and are all, as mentioned, also in English language.

And finally links to my main Tadej: spletne objave: blog on "Sopca" community portal, which is now the absolutely main blog of my two Slovenian blogs (and lately I only update this one, a diary on K5, and a blog on Senserely site), and as second a link to now somehow abandoned blog on "VOLJAblok" website titled Tadej na-liniji: razne objave: where I only post a joke or two from time to time after the one on Sopca has become my main Slovenian blog. On these two blogs in Slovenian language I write about diverse non-specific topic, like about recent experiences with my computer, the "going ons" from my life from last few days etc., similarly to my English blogs. Note that the second blog is unfortunately not accessible anymore (that's from the end of December 2007 onwards) since the blog-portal itself was taken off-line, however here's a link to the page:*/ on "Internet Archive" (the feature is called "Wayback Machine") listing all the archived states of this blog; for instance here's a direct link: to the February 28, 2007 copy/archive of it at that particular time titled "Tadej na-liniji: razne objave" (which already shows the blog with new outlook/theme), and here a direct link: to the oldest of them all (i.e. archived states) from April 23, 2006, at that time entitled just with a simple title "Web-Notes".

My Websites 1[edit]

Firstly, here is a link to Tadej Persic's website: website (and to its Slovenian Tadej Peršič stran: variant), which is my new personal website that I have created in April 2007. This particular website has now become my main general personal website, meaning that it's not strictly computing, nor strictly non-computing related, and is basically just a some sort of a navigational website that (with the exception of my-projects.html page:, which similarly to the projects.html page: on my main computing-related website lists various distributed computing projects that I participate in) only describes and lists links to my other websites and blogs and interesting articles I've written and other notable sections on them, and is therefore not the site with actual interesting content. The site doesn't contain popups or banner-ads, and its XHTML and CSS code is valid by W3C standards.

Then secondly a link to Tadej's computing homepage:, which is my main computing-related website that's generally about important computing-related things that I've discovered so far (mostly via "trial and error"), like for instance in it I list my various personal computing-related articles, hints, principles, rules, tips, my various favorite programs and their usages and so on. Especially interesting are my numerous discoveries and "tinkering with the PC to the extreme" type of experiences. Note that the website contains also a some sort of a blog (or in other words a personal ever-growing computing-related set of pages with important current news and events) started in 2005, so I am adding also the two links; as first a link to the first events1.html page:, and as second to the last/current events12.html page: Further, note that this site exists only so that all the ideas I have, and all the interesting things I discover regarding my computer or on the Internet don't go into the "oblivion" by not writing them down, while on the other hand I've tried to make an unique site, which would express those other practical things that you learn after using your computer for some time. I mean I just didn't want to make another site with well-known "tweaks" and widely-used security programs listed like there are too many out there already. The site is licensed under a "Creative Commons" license, and was created and is maintained only by me, mostly "typed-by-hands" with a bit of copy/paste in a few cases of JavaSript. The site doesn't contain popups or banner-ads, and its XHTML and CSS code is valid by W3C standards.

Thirdly is a link to my Clarinet informational website:, which is as its title hints my clarinet instrument related website that contains mostly technical and history information about the clarinet musical instrument, and a few of my personal experiences with it. Also note that the emphasis is not on the site's outlook but on the site's content, therefore I only use HTML/JavaScript and a bit of CSS. I've simply tried to make the website as simple and as fast-loading as possible. None of my websites are more or less crafted by hand was made with the use of pre-built templates or even worse, written with "make-your-webpage-in-5-minutes" type of program. Further, you may notice that on all of my websites I don't use underlying for "normal" words (i.e. not links) to prevent the confusion and to follow the standards. And finally note that like almost every other website on the Internet, this one is also always under construction. The site doesn't contain popups or banner-ads, and its XHTML and CSS code is valid by W3C standards.

My Websites 2[edit]

Next are all the other old/outdated (i.e. not updated anymore) variants of websites listed in the above paragraph that are also futile in the hierarchy of ultimate site's purity. Meaning that they mostly contain/generate popups (pretty annoying), and have quite a few banner-ads. They are too W3C-validated, but only "locally" in their original form as stored on my hard-disk, because the code that some of the free-host add unfortunately screws the otherwise valid syntax. So here are the links in order of importance or recency of when I stopped updating them; fist are listed variants/copies of my computing-related website that are mostly (except for the one hosted on "Volja", and the one hosted on "Atspace" free-host) now entitled with the old title Ivan's website: computing hints, principles, and rules:,,,,,, and then of clarinet instrument related ones that are still titled Clarinet: the musical instrument website's title:,

And there is also another one titled TADEJ'S HOME-PAGE on VOLJA.NET:, which is really totally out-dated (it is a "one page" website and it's actually my first-ever web-coding attempt), and is not at all interesting; in fact, its quite boring. The site does contain popups and if I recall correctly also banner-ads, and its not HTML-valid. For the reason for all these websites variants (they are almost identical, with only slight differences in code, like the differences in inner-links, host-specific banners etc.) please head on to website.html page: on my main computing-related website and find out there. When/if I will create new ones I will list them here when I'll have some spare time.


This is a place for any important messages that you may want to send me; although I highly recommend you to rather use my talk page...

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