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Hello,I'm Wikidexel2 (David),from Wikipedia,I'm not new,just forgetted my password for my older account :).

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Just for Fun[edit]

This section shows you what league's (American) website is the best. :)

Site Feature comparision
Team Sites Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg (Norwegian)
Shop Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Template:N/A Yes check.svg
Watch matches live Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Template:Partial Template:Partial (Norwegian) Yes check.svg
Connect Your Facebook account with your account Yes check.svg (Norwegian) (Norwegian) Yes check.svg (Norwegian) (Norwegian)
Universal accounts (Norwegian) (Norwegian) Yes check.svg (Norwegian) (Norwegian) (Norwegian)
Pillow pets :) Yes check.svg (Norwegian) (Norwegian) (Norwegian) (Norwegian) (Norwegian)

• = Outside the US and Canada only

•• = Only valid on NBA,WNBA and NBA D-league sites

Private Sandbox[edit]

This a test (gallery,sandbox),do not edit or write or talk about it.

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Fully protected


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History (My style :))[edit]

This is a short arcticle about History. This "arcticle" is in 4 parts,this is the 5. class part (about 2 million years ago to 476 C.E) then there's the 6. class part then the and then the class part. The first part is about the Prehistoric and Ancient ages.The part starts from 2 million years ago and ends at 476 C.E.

Part 1[edit]

Prehistoric times[edit]

• 2 million years ago: The Homo Erectus was appeared.

• 500 thousand years ago: The discovery of the fire.

• 200 thousand years ago: The first Homo Sapiens'.

• About 100 thousand years ago: The first Homo Sapiens Neander... (?) was appeared.

• About 35 thousand years ago: The first modern humans.

• About 30 thousand years ago: The dissapperance of the Homo Sapiens Neander...

• 8000 B.C.E: The birth of the argtictucle.

• 6000 B.C.E: The first city (Catal Hüyük).

• 5000 B.C.E: The first use of bronze.

• 4000 B.C.E: The discovery of writing (The end of the Prehistoric times).

Ancient times[edit]

The Ancient East[edit]

In the East,there were 4 bigger civilizations:

• The Mesopotamian Empire,

• The Indus-Valley civilization,

• Egypt,

and China.

Bus Station[edit]

Welcome to the bus station!

Currently,there is only 1 line that goes here (Line 1),but soonly the Line 2 will be also opened.


• Line 1 (to Wikiversity):Wikinews (Interchange) ---> Wikisource ---> Wikispecies ---> Wikimedia Commons (Interchange) ---> Meta-Wiki ---> Wikiversity (terminal)

• Line 1 (to Wikipedia): Wikinews (Interchange) ---> Wikibooks ---> Wikiquote ---> Wiktionary ---> Wikipedia (terminal)

Note:The Wikinews to Wikiversity part of the Line 1 is currently under construction.

Bus Stop[edit]

Wikinews (Interchange)
X Previsious stop Next stop
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Line 1A Wikibooks Wikisource


When departing:To use the Bus Network,please type in the search box the following words (User:Wikidexel2) and click the "next" or "previsous" stop.

Note:All bus lines go on a fixed route and all the next stops are not shown (For more information,see the "When travelling" section). When arriving:To leave,just click the project's logo.

Imporant:When you lost,please go to the nearest bus station (For more information,see the "When travelling" section). When travelling:1.When you first time travel,please view the map at Wikipedia.

2.There are 3 stop types:Bus stops (Regular stops,with only a stop and instruction guide),bus interchanges (with map (only showing the stopping lines stops) and information,but no construction information) and bus terminals (with full maps and c. information).

Note:At the end of lines,you can't go to the another terminal.

Have a nice travelling!