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This user has left the English Wikinews.

Multiple issues surrounding this project have made me re-evaluate my position here on Wikinews. I will be taking an extended break from the project (with no guarantee of returning). ~YTT T | C 07:06, 29 March 2011 (UTC)

I feel that I should now offer an explanation for my decision to semi-retire. I recently made my decision after reflecting on the environment we are contributing in. It seems that we have lost sight of our soul purpose, to create an NPOV and free news source that anyone can edit. We now are contributing in an environment where bureaucracy has become counterproductive to our original goal and where we can pick each other up on the most minor of technicalities and then hold them against each other. We are an environment that does not feel warm and welcoming to new users (I myself being one of them) - and we wonder why there is a slump in user activity and contribution. Finally, it puzzles me that reviewer standards were so much lower in a time when we really didn't need them and now, when we need them most, it amazes me that our standards are so high! It seems that very few users have faith or trust in each other and it just seems now like a cold and bitter environment that we are contributing to.
I am hesitant to retire as it is - I have hope for this project (like I always have). I hope that one day, users help each other out. I hope that we can remove a hierarchy that supposedly doesn't exist. I hope that one day, users can appreciate the time and effort that other users put into the project and not shoot them down on their mistakes. For now though, I am semi-retiring from the project but I really do hope to return. Thanks to all those users along my way who have helped me out such as Pi Zero, Tempo, MC8, BarkingFish and Dendodge. ~YTT T | C 08:40, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

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