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I am trying to rebuild your wiki commonplace upload software. Actually, we have spoken by email. Our last email, you asked me if I was using the cvs, since I was having problems with the tarball. The cvs checkout worked great and everything compiles well. However, in order to adjust the commonplace to my server, commonplace relies on the wikinewsbot.dll. I kept getting errors, and so I checked out wikinewsbot. Upon investigating it, I noticed the BaseAddress was appending /wiki into the url for login. I am not using that /wiki/ directory, so I removed that. When I rebuilt, unfortunately this new build extension didn't work because Wikinewsbot.Command.Watchpage is not available. I cannot find it in the cvs or tarball?

Is this wikinewsbot new? if so, commonplace still depends on that watchpage.cs file?

Thank you, Graeme Canivet : 20:52, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)