Wikileaks claims ‘abuse of process’ in court case that resulted in being taken offline

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wikileaks has claimed in a press release that the Swiss bank, Bank Julius Baer & Trust, has abused the system by involving an administrator of the Wikileaks group on Facebook in the court case which has recently lead to a court injunction causing DNS entry to be removed. As of this writing, Wikileaks could still be accessed via its IP address at

The Facebook user who became involved in the court case has responded to this by saying that "I am an officer of a Facebook group, which is essentially a message board for discussion of issues relating to Wikileaks. I am not, and never have been, an officer of Wikileaks, and I request you [Bank Julius Baer & Trust] not to represent that I am."

Bank Julius Baer & Trust’s law firm said that “as an officer of a defendant in this action, my client [Bank Julius Baer & Trust] is entitled to serve you [the Facebook User] a copy of the summons and complaint pursuant.”

In a different press release, Wikileaks stated that they were not sure of the authenticity of the documents from Bank Julius Baer & Trust until the court case started. They say that the bank "in attempting to shoot the messenger has only succeeded, spectacularly, in shooting itself."

The injunction, which a Wikileaks user describes as 'blind' and 'unlawful' was granted in the California Northern District Court in San Francisco, California . The case was regarding several documents allegedly obtained from a whistleblower of the Bank Julius Baer & Trust.


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