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Wikinews operates a clearly delineated Acceptable Abuse Policy. The terms of this are laid out below. Wikinewsies in good-standing are requested to add appropriate clauses as they see fit.

If you are the butt of one of these jokes, pick yourself up off the floor, watch a couple of episodes of Drop the Dead Donkey, and buy a teddy bear.


As if this policy would have a purpose?


Primary clauses[edit]

Secondary clauses[edit]

Tertiary clauses[edit]

  • 3A
"Medieval torture implements may be used in circumstances outwith normal news-gathering activities."
* Peter|Lappy sleeps in the corner of the chan
 DiegoGrez kicks Peter|Lappy
<Peter|Lappy> Owwie!
<Peter|Lappy> brianmc, DiegoGrez hurt me :(
<Peter|Lappy> Give him a time out!
* brianmc leafs through the torture implements catalogue....
<brianmc> Sorry, nothing here listed as "immediate delivery"
 Buuuut, I did snarf some pilliwinks on my last visit to the Edinburgh Dungeons.
* brianmc watches DiegoGrez try to type with four fingers in clamps
<DiegoGrez> o noes
<Peter|Lappy> :O
 DiegoGrez, you can not sue wikinews for damages
<Peter|Lappy> It is mentioned in the ToS that you wave the right to sue Wikinews in the event brianmc inflicts bodily harm
<brianmc> :P
 Er, that's the "Acceptable Abuse Policy"
 Clause 3A: Pilliwinks.

Santa clauses[edit]