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Please comment on the below (for full discussion see my Accreditation request), editing no longer necessary, letter is in use:

To Whom It May Concern:

Wikinews, a website of the Wikimedia Foundation which has a focus on news reporting, wishes Sean Carl Johann Heron of Schwäbisch Hall, Germany to report on the G8 conference.

Our community of editors and administrators have supported Mr. Heron's application to report on the G8, and his credentials for this event may be verified by calling our credential verification number at +1 202 742 5918, extension 2. His press pass from the Wikinews community was issued specifically for this event.

Wikinews ( is a free-content project where we aim to provide timely and neutral reporting on news items. If you have any further questions about the project, or Mr. Heron's involvement, please contact me at ?????????

Yours Faithfully,

Somebody Administrator/Editor/Bureaucrat