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This assistant simulates viewing given wiki markup with given incoming dialog parameters. The view, if shown, appears first on the page, followed by the following interactive elements:

  • An update view button. Clicking this button causes the page to be redisplayed using the current values of the input boxes. The view appears at the top of the page, above the update button.
  • A large textarea input box for the markup to be viewed.
  • A text input box for the name of the page on which the markup appears to be located, which determines the behavior of magic words such as {{FULLPAGENAME}}.
  • A table of input boxes for dialog parameters. As of this writing, up to 14 dialog parameters are supported. As long as the maximum supported number has not yet been reached, one empty row is provided in the table for addition of another dialog parameter. Names use text input boxes, values use textarea input boxes.



The breadboard faithfully reproduces a limitation of incoming dialog parameters: it only substitutes for a template parameter if it does not contain any nested curly braces. Thus, given markup {{{foo|{{{bar|quux}}}}}}, incoming dialog parameter bar would be substituted for, but not incoming dialog parameter foo.

At this writing, the breadboard makes no attempt to reproduce reserved dialog parameters, nor the behaviors of {{dialog/init}} or {{dialog/preview}}, and signatures (three, four, or five tildes) are not processed.

If there are floats in the view, they may extend below the update view button. This can be prevented by calling {{clear}} at the end of the viewed markup.

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