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Wikinews News in Brief for October 8, 2008[edit]

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Audio Wikinews News Brief for October 8, 2008
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Good day, this is the Audio Wikinews Brief for Wednesday, October 8, 2008. I'm Kevin Fields, and here are today's current stories.

Central banks worldwide cut interest rates[edit]

In an effort to reduce the effect of the ongoing financial crisis, six central banks worldwide have reduced their interest rates by 0.5% in an unexpected move which took place on Wednesday. The United States Federal Reserve lowered their interest rate to 1.5%, the Bank of England rate was lowered to 4.5%, the Sweedish Sveriges Riksbank lowered their rate to 4.25%, the European Central Bank rate was lowered to 3.75%, the Bank of Canda lowered their rate to 3.5%, the Swiss National bank lowered their rate to 2.5%. The Bank of Japan expressed support of the move but did not participate, it's rate is already at 0.5%.

Dozens injured by sudden change in altitude on Qantas jet[edit]

More than forty passengers have been hospitalised after an Airbus A330-300 owned and operated by Qantas after an on-board computer malfunctioned. The flight between Singapore and Perth, Australia was cruising at 37,000 feet when a cockpit alert was triggered warning the flight crew of a possible malfunction with the aircraft's elevator, which controls pitch. The arcraft ascended 300 feet, then performed a nosedive believed to be several thousand feet. During the freefall, many of the passengers and crew were thrown against the ceiling. After the pilots regained control of the aircraft, they made an emergency landing near Learmonth. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital, the most serious injuries included broken bones and concussions. An investigation has been launched.

Passenger plane crashes in Nepal killing 18[edit]

A passenger plane carrying tourists, has crash-landed at an airport near Mount Everest killing 18 of the 19 people on board. Of those killed were 12 German, two Australian and two Nepalese tourists. The remaining three were the plane's crew who were of Nepalese decent. The only survivor was the pilot-in-command. The twin engine DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter plane, operated by Yeti Airlines, was flying in Nepal from the nation's capital of Kathmandu to Lukla. It was landing at the Lukla Airport when its wheels got caught on a fence at the end of the runway, causing it hit the runway and burst into flames. Firefighters fought for nearly two hours before bringing the fire under control. Officials blame the crash on heavy fog and bad weather. Reports state that visibility was only 1,310 feet (400 meters), which was considered to be just enough for the plane to land.


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