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WikinewsWorld Report

Wikinews World Report is a new addition to Audio Wikinews. The main difference between regular Audio Wikinews segments and Wikinews World Report segments is that Wikinews World Report features live and pre-recorded NPOV field reports from Wikinews reporters and interviews with as many people as possible holding differing viewpoints on a subject; this would all be moderated by the show's host. Pre-recorded reports can be achieved via either taped phone conversation, Skype conference, or by uploading a recorded file to Commons. Live interviews would be achieved by either by live Skype conversation or by phone conversation. Wikinews World Report would be similar to Audio Wikinews in that before the show is recorded, users are able to freely contribute to its content by choosing topics to be covered, questions to be asked of reporters (provided that the questions would not warrant a POV response), and, especially in this case, be able to give a field report. All source material for Wikinews Would Report is uploaded to Commons in its entirety, and anyone who wants to edit the material can.


Wikinews World Report has produced a demo show to demonstrate some of the capabilities of this form of journalism.


Date of release Featuring Show Notes Transcript Download
2005/07/21 NGerda, Mark Knoop, MrM 7/21/05 Notes N/A Vorbis

Upcoming shows[edit]

The next scheduled Wikinews World Report is planned to be recorded on Friday, August 19. If there is breaking news, Wikinews World Report will report live on that event, and the scheduled show will still be recorded on the specified date as planned. Community work on the show essentially begins a week before the scheduled recording. Collaboration for this week's broadcast takes place here.


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