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Monday, March 17, 2008 <---change date to today's date

This is a template for the most basic of articles. Just some text and a quote or two. To write your own article, open a new browser window to the newsroom page, scroll down the the "Start a new article" section, put in a title, and then press the "create page" button. Then click the "edit this page" tab above, copy and paste this document in your new document space and you are on your way!

To write such an article, simply replace these instructions with a brilliant written piece, add sources and categories, change the designation from "develop" (see just above "Sources" below) to "ready" so other editors will look at it, and push the "Save Page" button below.

Oh, there are some useful hints in the Style Guide: Link: Style Guide and Writing an article. (You can use these links by either copying and pasting it in a new browser window or going to saved version of the article and clicking on the links.) If you are doing original reporting and not just a digest of other sources, an "Original Reporting Template" is in preparation as there are a few other requirements.

Executive summary of the style guide:

Use NPOV (neutral point of view), try for balance and objectivity at all times.

Keep language brief and clear.

Make sure you cite sources properly.

If you want to add a fabulous quote, you can use the template below. This is for an ordinary quote without links. The "Article with Links Template" will have a version where the person being cited is also a link to some other webpage (useful if you got your information off a website." Replace capital letters with the quote and the name of the person giving the quote (in regular caps and smalls style). If you don't need a quote, just delete code for it. If you need more than one quote, copy and past another one.



Have pasted or written your article here? If yes, delete all my ramblings about how to do stuff and go below and fill in your references and categories. Make sure you delete the lines that say "DELETE THIS NOTE."

Change below "develop" tag to "ready" when you want your article considered for publication.



DELETE THIS NOTE: Below are the references for your story. Put in all the sources you consulted. Copy and paste another template line if you need it, delete lines you don't need.

DELETE THIS NOTE: Below are spaces for filling in categories, links that go at the bottom of every article. For proper category names look at the portal categories at the top of the main page. Link: Main Page. (You can use link by either copying and pasting it in a new browser window or going to a formal version of the article and clicking on the links.)

Category:Local Region Category:Country Category:General Region Category:Topic Category:Key Word Category:No publish