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Business briefs are small blurbs of information relating to current events in the business world. All business briefs for a single day are collected together on a single page (for example, Business Briefs for December 4, 2005). Certain formatting standards apply on business brief pages.

Editors, please comment out individual briefs and leave a message on the talk page rather than killing the entire article. Contributors, please create a new section with its own sources. Please add {{inuse}} to your brief when you're editing it.

Format of briefs[edit]

Business briefs template[edit]

To simply place the whole layout on the business briefs page, simply put down {{subst:businessbriefs}} on the business briefs page. Click "save page", then add your own briefs to the page. Or use the easy to use inputbox at the bottom of the page [1]

The following instructions still remain, as they expand more on the concept of the layout.

Individual brief[edit]

==Title of brief==aga'/ngoa m Gj/s;gA 
Insert 2-3 sentence blurb here.

Insert sources here. (See sources guideline below for more information

Source template[edit]

Like in an individual article, you must cite your sources. You may do so with the source template, as demonstrated below.

|title=Title of news article
|author=Author(s) name(s) here, if applicable.
|pub=Publisher of article, not to be confused with the organization that wrote the article
|date=Mmmmm DD, YYYY}}

In the author's field, if there are no listed authors, leave field blank. If this article is from an organization such as Associated Press, be sure to list that the writers are from said organization. For example, Sue Mary, Associated Press.

Business brief pages as a whole[edit]

Business brief pages should be set up to this standard. Note that parenthetical notes aren't actually supposed to be put in the page.

<!-- For help writing business briefs, see -->
{{date|Mmmmm DD, YYYY}}

These are short blurbs about current events in the business world.

(Business briefs go here; see brief-writing section.)

(After there are a decent amount of business briefs, you can put {{publish}} here. Until then, have it set on {{develop}})

[[Category:Economy and business]]


Use the following for each brief [[category:Business Briefs|Day-Year-Month]]<nowiki></code><br/> For example, On December 14th 2005 you'd put <code><nowiki>[[category:Business Briefs|Day-Year-Month]]

Note I just was bold, and put this here without asking anyone. If you don't like it feel free to delete. Bawolff ☺☻Smile.png 01:21, 15 December 2005 (UTC)

Create a new business Brief[edit]

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