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Wikinews periodically holds writing contests as an incentive to bring in new contributors and boost the daily article count.

Previous contests have resulted in hundreds of articles and many dedicated new reporters who have made significant contributions to the project.

See Wikinews:Writing contest, Wikinews:Original reporting contest May 2005, meta:IWWC, meta:IWWC2, User:Messedrocker/Contest, and User:Tempodivalse/Writing contest.

Upcoming competitions


Brian McNeil is currently offering a 100 euro prize for a new competition to begin after the current board elections. Suggestions have been made that this should be a team-based competition and the details need ironed out. Proposals currently include:

  • Teams of 2-5 contributors.
  • Competition doesn't begin until a reasonable number of teams are entered.
  • Judges will award points based on what contributions teams make to the site.
  • A minimum level of input per week will be required to stay in the competition.
  • Extra points for {{Original}} reporting, Wikipedia doesn't allow that - but a lot of contributors there would like to do it. Here is their opportunity.

This is open to new suggestions on how we operate the points system. For example, inter-wiki cooperation should be one of the goals of the competition. Use of the {{wikinews|article title}} template on Wikipedia (where it sticks and doesn't get removed) should earn points. Setting up links to obscure words on Wiktionary, with reciprocal links from their "Words in the News" should get points.