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The following is a new style of Wikinews reporting or Wikinews development. It is still in the process of being created. Feel free to pitch in and help develop this idea or comment about it on the discussion page. (Please remove this tag once this page is sufficiently developed)

It occurred to me shortly after User:Stevenfruitsmaak introduced the 'News in Pictures' section on the Front Page that this would be an ideal location to place a cartoon. So for all cartoonists (closet or otherwise) that might be interested in collaborating on this, here is the seed of the idea I have an interest to lampoon: the act of name-calling. The relevant news article is found in the Sources section and the specific name is terrorist.

Nuclear button.JPG

I thought a cartoon panel could start with an article of clothing, a button, but in this case, a very special button. A nuclear button. One that a principle in the cartoon, George W. Bush, does not want to share, but the other princple in the cartoon, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to have. The sad image to the right (a button believe it or not) is an object in itself that can be incorporated into the finished cartoon. The image file (or in other words the object file) for a "nuclear button" can be changed an unlimited number of times by any logged in user wishing to contribute to the cartoon.

Text thought:
George W. Bush -- my button
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- no my button
etc, etc... the text is an object unto itself

Because name-calling is childish, the priciples, or in this case the other image/object files in the cartoon, not yet even registering on this page, as an amusing thought might be dressed in diapers.

Once the cartoon is complete, it would move to Commons and be attributed to Wikinews, and the collaboration performed here noted and recorded on the discussion page of the Commons file. The objects created here for incorporation into the finished cartoon would be deleted once the cartoon is completed, but that would erase their history, so thinking that not so hot an idea.

I would like to comment that EdBrown previously drew cartoons, but we ran into npov problems. See User:Edbrown05/Cartoon_musings for a bit of a summary of what happened. Bawolff 03:27, 29 December 2007 (UTC)