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Correction — 1 April 2007
This alleged article fully complies with our new and improved Alleged NPOV Policy and allegedly uses excessive use of the word Allegedly. Efforts have been allegedly already being made to improve this. Allegedly.

April 1, 2007

Visit our new and improved "Alleged Main Page" today!

According to allegations laid against the Wikinews community, efforts have been made to delete the site's main page. It is alleged that a vote was taken on whether the name "Main Page" was NPOV and required deletion. The result is allegedly what you see before you.

After, an admin allegedly tried to allegedly make them stop but they did it anyway. It was not deleted but redirected to "Alleged Main Page" due to the Neutral point of view policy.

"We always try to obey the NPOV policy at all times, even when it comes to the main name-space," a senior Wikinews admin told BBC News. "Alleged Main Page is a great title. After all these (great, no, not really, I mean with all the edit disputes...) years of Wikinews nobody even said the original title was a violation of the NPOV policy," he said while he was trying to block an IP from our new source that was really trying to help Wikinews. (We know more about journalism then they do!)

"Uh.. Uh.. I guess this was uh.. an interesting thing that happened and...Holy Crap we got on the news! That's the only thing we care about because we have evil plans to become better than you guys," a newly minted admin said.

"We allegedly follow the alleged NPOV policy at all alleged times," a bureaucrat said.

If NPOV was an actual person he would be allegedly happy about this.

After, it was un-redirected by an admin, who created this website. Of course, that is only alleged. Allegedly. If you believe in such alleged things.

CNN, CBC, BBC, and other main stream media news sources were quick to report on this incident. Allegedly. Of course, this is only alleged and not fully vested in facts unlike this alleged page.



This is a humorous article, and is included in the listings on the Humor Project page. This is not intended to be news in any way. If you are looking for news, please go away.