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To have some articles in Wikinews that can be quoted as reliable sources in Wikipedia, we need to apply the same criteria as for any other source, namely:

  • Fact checking: A known fact checking/editorial process for these news articles
  • Editorial Accountability: A known entity, e.g. an editorial board that approves these articles and bears the responsibility for the accuracy of these
  • Journalist Accountability: Journalists are accredited by a known process, their real-life names known and published (pen names OK, but the real name needs to be on record)
  • Accredited reporters must supply the name they use on government-issued identification (although pen names are still okay)
  • Original Research is encouraged; however, not all original research may be appropriate


Are acceptable as sources:

1) Once a page is archived and no longer can be edited.

2) It has been certified as fact checked and reviewed by another accredited editor

3) Audio transcriptions should be made available, unless there is a good reason not to provide it

4) OR notes should includes at a minimum: Who was present for the interview, the manner it was conducted, its length, and if pertinent, the disposition of the interviewee (only if pertinent, for instance, if they are hostile, which will aid in understand the tone). Were the questions submitted to interviewee in advance?

5) Although paragraph-story interviews are okay, preferably interviews should follow a Q&A style for accuracy and NPOV.

6) The final, published interview should be sent to the interviewee or a representative of the interviewee.

Other news articles[edit]

  • Only Accredited Reporters may have their work used as a source on Wikipedia.
  • Follow Wikinews:Style guide
  • Distinctions between opinion and reportage of facts. Clear distinctions need to be made available in the copy. Is the news article an opinion, or a reportage of facts?


Fact-checked and approved articles should display proper signage to attest the certification.