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Welcome to the Wikinews World News Quiz, giving you a chance to test your knowledge on this week's news.

Last Updated: September 6, 2010


1. What four British companies face investigation by the UK's Office of Gas and Electricity Markets?

Scottish Power, npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and EDF Energy
See Four British energy suppliers face investigation into claims of misselling
npower, British Power & Energy Corporation, EDF Energy and Scottish Power
BP, British Telecom, ASDA and British Power & Energy Corporation
Scottish Power, npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Centrica

2. In what month does Microsoft estimate their new Windows Phone 7 will come out?

See Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to manufacturing

3. At what time on what day did Hurricane Earl's winds slow to 105 mph?

12:05 PM on September 2
11:24 PM on September 2
11:37 PM on September 2
See Hurricane Earl threatens eastern US
10:59 PM on September 3
2:03 PM on September 3

4. What film is Chilean filmmaker Rodrígo Ortúzar known for?

Mujeres Infieles
See Rodrigo Ortúzar announces plans to dramatize Chilean miners' stories
Temple Of The Rising Sun
El Imbasta Amigos

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