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? This is a proposed policy. You can choose to follow it. If it is followed by all, and has wide community support, it may become an official policy. Please comment on the collaboration page of the policy on any changes you would like to make, or just edit the page directly. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".

This is a proposal to modify the image policy so that logos do not require individual fair use rationales. The reasoning is as follows:

  • All logos are made to represent a company or some sort of entity
  • Entities want you to associate them with the logo
  • With exception to a few open source projects (not all), logos are copyrighted and trademarked to the greatest extent possible
  • All logos are the same in the above characteristics

Therefore, as all logos are the same, their fair use rationale are the same.

Typing the same thing over and over again is repetitive, if we put it in a central page and transcluded that page, it would reduce typing.

Therefore we should put the fair use rationale in {{logo}} for logos and no longer require individual rationales for logos.