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The annual fundraising campaign went up today, and was pretty horrific. Below is, well, close to what was there but with a Wikipedia logo in the middle.



It got taken down because whoever put the code together wrecked it for use in IE6/7/8. Not because it offended the sensibilities of virtually every contributor.

The Foundation site 'landing page' and request for donations[edit]

This is where you were supposed to get sent.

  1. It has that Wikipedia-worship that really, really annoys people who seriously contribute to any other project.
  2. The "sample" donor comment? ("I'm a professional 'knowledge worker' & am often under time pressure -- I've come to rely on Wikipedia for intelligent & detailed overviews of unfamiliar topics") is ridiculous; it portrays the biggest problem I know we have with the perception of Wikipedia itself — ignorant people rely on it.
  3. Nobody even thought to slap in some CSS to hide the Support Wikipedia/en heading - — every single project does that on their home page.
  4. There is a form to fill in if you wish to donate; the page is not secure (https:), and there is no notice emphasising the next step will be secure.