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Wikinews cannot function without a community of editors committed to the purpose and mission of the project. Established editors are faced daily with questions about policy, practice, and the history of Wikinews. Real-time chats about issues facing the wiki with lots of open question time among new and established editors will allow the community to both get to know one another and to discuss issues facing the community.

To this end, Wikinews InfoChats are being organized where users can ask questions and get to know one another.

Possible topics include
  • Questions about the Arbitration Committee
  • How to avoid tag and dash
  • Dealing with new users
  • Dispute resolution
  • Policy creation -- without dividing the community
  • What is a personal attack and how is it harmful?
  • How can administrators enforce policy without becoming involved in content disputes?
  • 3RR, RfA, NPOV, 2RR, RfDA, RFAR, Cats (meow?), what the heck are you talking about?
  • Why polls are evil
  • ?

Some of these discussions will be totally open while others may be guided by members especially familiar with the topic. All chats will occur in the #wikinews-en or #wikinews IRC channels.

Administrators, Arbitrators, established editors, and newbies are all encouraged to participate in these discussions. Please discuss scheduling on the talk page.