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If you disagree with a change made to an article where an OTRS ticket is used as the only reason, please e-mail the OTRS volunteer or contact a person listed on the list of OTRS personnel to start a review and do not undo the change until discussion has concluded. The OTRS volunteer is likely in possession of confidential information that should not be published on a public site.

In the context of Wikinews, OTRS is used as a shorthand for the people, process, and software that surround the handling of email sent through the Contact Wikinews link. The software used for the processing of such mail is the Open Ticket Request System, which provides an organized way for multiple people to categorize and respond to email.

The Wikinews queue was started in 2007, and the volume of e-mails received is normally very light. Most of them are expected to be in English.

In the course of replying to emails, OTRS personnel may edit articles. Such edits may involve removal of vandalism, or removal of unsourced derogatory assertions. Less frequently, OTRS personnel handle copyright infringement complaints using one of the standard processes, or delete personal information from article histories.

The contents of emails sent to the OTRS addresses are confidential.

OTRS is cross project and serves multiple languages, so details are at meta:

Dispute resolution[edit]

The confidential nature of OTRS communications makes normal wiki-based dispute resolution processes difficult, and often impracticable in many cases. This doesn't mean that OTRS editors can take arbitrary actions. The special procedure described at the head of this page ensures that disputed OTRS edits are subject to review. OTRS volunteers are ultimately subject to the communications committee. OTRS volunteers are aware that OTRS is "not a badge."

To facilitate peer review, OTRS volunteers are asked to reference the ticket number when citing OTRS as a reason for an action.

Contacting OTRS[edit]

If you need to get in touch with the OTRS volunteers, to report a problem with Wikinews content, please see Wikinews:Contact us.