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This is an official policy on English Wikinews. It has wide acceptance and is considered a standard for all users to follow. Changes to this page must reflect consensus. If in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.

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A role account is an account that is not associated with a particular person, but with an office, position, or task. Those doing the task use the account only to do the task. They have other accounts for other work.

Use of role accounts is not officially sanctioned on the English Wikinews. This is because Wikinews relies on individuals developing a reputation based on their edits. If more than one person share an account then no individual reputation will form.

The community may, by consensus, grant exceptions for specific role accounts. This is expected to be infrequent.

All Wikimedia wikis


The following global role accounts were created for the use of the Wikimedia Foundation.

  1. User:WMF Legal
  2. User:WMFOffice
  3. User:Emergency
  4. User:Ops Monitor (WMF)