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The following is a new style of Wikinews reporting or Wikinews development. It is still in the process of being created. Feel free to pitch in and help develop this idea or comment about it on the discussion page. (Please remove this tag once this page is sufficiently developed)

This is not to be confused with Wikinews:Reviewing articles.

Although Wikinews is bound by the NPOV policy, which would preclude publishing user-generated reviews (Film, TV, product, etc.), it is legitimate to report on and accumulate snippets of reviews from prominent and influential film reviewers.

How to avoid POV[edit]

  • Select a range of reviews with as much variation in cultural, geographical and other areas as necessary to be considered unbiased to the reader.
  • Only use well-known, established sources.
  • Give balanced attention to each review.

How to aggregate reviews[edit]

This index will accumulate film reviews from specific sources representing specific region of the English-speaking world. Please remember to list the specific URLs of reviews used in the aggregator on the talk page.

Geographical representation[edit]

The amount of reviews to be taken from each country is weighted by population. The relative weights are:

  • US: 14
  • UK: 3
  • Canada: 2
  • Australia: 1
  • One review from each other nation in which a film has been released and reviewed may be included.

Rotten Tomatoes reviews should also be included, based on the tomatometer score.

When stars or numerical ratings are used, convert these to a percentage (e.g. 5/10 becomes 50%, 3 stars becomes 60%) average these and include the mean in the article.

If a review does not give a numerical rating, it should be decided whether the review is generally favourable or unfavourable, and a score out of 100 applied to it. The guidelines below can be adjusted (e.g. if a review is mainly positive but contains negative points, a score of 75% may be more appropriate).

  • Positive review: 100%
  • Neutral review: 50%
  • Negative review: 0%

Review websites by nation[edit]

United States

This section is incomplete, and possibly geographically inaccurate, and the sources may be unreliable, as it was compiled using a Google search for "US movie reviews". Please add to and edit this list to make it more useful.

United Kingdom

This section is possibly geographically inaccurate, and the sources may be unreliable, as it was compiled using a Google search for "Canada movie reviews". Please edit this list to make it more useful.


How to format a review[edit]

Title: Review: Name of Film

{{date|Month DD, YYYY}}
{{Film review|[[w:Name of Film|]]|Review aggregate (as percentage, raw number)|Number of reviews aggregated}}
Lead. Introduce the review and give some basic details on the film and its reception.

Site A  says this, while Site B  says that. Compare and contrast different reviews, expanding into other paragraphs if necessary.
How well was the film received overall?


Format sources as normal. Include only reviews cited in the prose, not every review used in the aggregator (these should be posted on the talk page).