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This page is no longer current and/or valid. It is kept for historical record or interest. Do not assume content on this page is still technically correct.
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This is a list of what's coming soon to Wikinews. This encompasses, for the most part, what we're working on in the next seven days.

Edit in your own announcements and upcoming interviews (again, only things that will transpire within the next week). These are pressing, need to know subjects, differentiating from story preparation in that these stories and leads are actively in development this week.


Interview preparations[edit]

Please put stories in alphabetical order. Thank you!

Requests for interviews[edit]

If you are trying to score an interview, please make a sub-heading and add who you are trying to get, details on the interview you'd like to do, and when you want to publish (ideally). Sign with four tildes. ~~~~