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Skin changes

To change minnor skins copy and paste the lines in fixed width text (like this) into the edit box

  • For stw:

@import url(/w/index.php?title=User:Stw/monobook.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css);

  • For Datrio:

@import url(;

  • for milky:

@import url(;

  • for ultrawalffle

@import url(;

  • for Clean and Blue:

@import url(;

  • for Datrio+MrM

@import url(;

  • for newsprint

@import url(;

Some of these skins may not work with all browsers (hint: try firefox or Opera. Internet explorer is not the best choice) . blank the lines you inserted to make the skin go away, or disable css in your browser (view→page style→No style)

If you have other stuff in your monobook.css, may interfere with skin.

See Wikinews:skins for more details. Requires Monobook to be active skin in special:preferences to work.