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Vaguely inspired by Spread Firefox, this is a place to share and develop ideas for promoting Wikinews. Help get those stats up!

Feel free to jump in with any ideas or comments.

Reply to blogs[edit]

Keep an eye on Feedster, BlogPulse and Technorati. Reply to any posts about Wikinews — explain the site, reply to criticism etc.

If the comments section asks for a 'URL', be sure to put in!

Propagate stories[edit]

Since Wikinews content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, it can be used very easily on any other site. Submit links to Wikinews or the complete story. See Wikinews:Story propagation for a systematic approach to this. Of course, posting links on your blogs or in comments is also a good way to get people interested in the site. Don't forget that beyond the web, there are also mailing lists and Usenet discussion groups. But very few things have as much impact as a successful story submission to Slashdot or digg.

Link to Wikinews on Wikipedia[edit]

Keep an eye on Wikipedia Current Events on the WP main page and articles relevant to recent Wikinews stories. Link to Wikinews using the template:{{wikinews|Insert article name}}.

Use the Wikinews Importer Bot to automatically update Wikipedia pages[edit]

See the Wikinews Importer Bot for how to implement importing Wikinews items into Wikipedia portals and articles. For example:

Make and distribute merchandising[edit]

The Wikimedia Shop features shirts, coffee mugs, clocks and other cool stuff with the Wikinews logo. Buy them for your own entertainment or give them away at special occasions.

Print us out![edit]

Grab a print edition, print out a load, and leave it in places such as common rooms, canteens, etc.!

Broadcast us![edit]

There is an audio version of Wikinews which, like all other Wikinews content, is free for anyone to use. Put it into your Podcasts, broadcast it live, or send it to your friends.

Recruit citizen journalists![edit]

Instead of messing around on student newspaper, students could be spending their time writing real news. This letter can be used to persuade them of the benefits of doing journalism citizen-style.

Email signatures[edit]

Simple and effective. Add a link to Wikinews to your email signature to attract everyone you write to onto Wikinews.

Personal web sites and blogs[edit]

Every contributor who has a blog and or web site can put a link to Wikinews.

Spread the word[edit]

Word-of-mouth advertising is perhaps the easiest way of increasing the popularity of Wikinews. While conversing with people, just mention Wikinews whenever you get an opportunity, chances are they will become curious and decide to check it out, and hopefully contribute to it.