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Talk, list
atop articles
{{deletion request}}
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atop articles
hoax, list

atop articles. You could also just use plain speedy tag
talk, list

I noticed you created the article, [[{{{1}}}]], which is now an old news event. Thanks for taking an active role in improving the content on this site. People like you who take an active role make Wikinews better for all of us — readers and writers alike.

One thing to note, though, is that Wikinews articles report about current news events. Articles are considered historical documents reflecting the knowledge and understanding of the event at the time of publishing. Once there are no more developments and it is past two days, it's too late for Wikinews to report on it.

If there are new developments on the story, you can create a new article instead of just creating an old and out-of-date one. That way your work will be current (and if so, edited by more people) since readers tend not to read old news.

Your article has been deleted or submitted at the deletion requests page according to the deletion requests guidelines.

Don't be discouraged if your article has been deleted, you will find plenty of more current events to report about which help make Wikinews a better news source.

Again, thanks for helping improve this site.

atop articles. You could also just use plain speedy tag