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As a project of the Wikimedia Foundation there can be conflicts and special considerations to take into account when reporting on other projects such as Wikipedia, or on the Foundation itself.

First and foremost, should someone take legal action against the Foundation, or any project, then reports must be vetted by the legal counsel of the WMF (currently Mike Godwin). This is in no way an attempt by the Foundation to stifle Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, or to prevent reporting. However, there can be circumstances where a report on Wikinews may go against what office staff have stated to a court. (Example: Someone sues WMF for defamation and the material is removed from Wikipedia pending the resolution of the court case. If statements are made which imply that the material has been removed from all WMF servers, then that includes Wikinews.)

All news regarding Wikimedia must have {{WikimediaMention}} and follow WN:NPOV.