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The Wikinews Original Reporting Translation Network (WORTNET) is a group of people who want to coordinate translating Wikinews stories that contain original reporting into as many languages as possible. Members should list themselves here along with the languages they speak. Please note that you need a user account here on Meta in order to sign as you would on your local wiki.

Articles needing translation[edit]

Template:WORTNET/Translation needed +/-

Articles in translation[edit]

Template:WORTNET/In translation


Members and languages[edit]

Availability can be:

  • high - if you're pretty much always ready and willing to do translations
  • varies - if people can always give it a try, but should contact high availability translators first
  • low - if people should contact you only if nobody else can be found



Please also add yourself to Wikinews/IRC if you are available there, so that people know your nickname if you're available online.


When you see an original report that you would like to translate to another language, you can either just do it -- go to the foreign language wiki and add the story -- or, if you don't speak the language, you can notify someone else from the list above and ask them to do it for you (note the availability indicated in the list).

Note that an original reporting story should ideally be reasonably current by the time you translate it, though you are of course welcome to translate old stories for archival purposes.

See Template:Wikinews sites for links to all Wikinews language editions, and see below for the respective Original Reporting categories.


Finding original reporting[edit]

It is essential that every Wikinews edition has a template and category for stories that contain original reporting (quotes, reports, research, etc.). One possible implementation is the one of the English Wikinews edition: Template:Original reporting. It is helpful if it is indicated what exactly the original reporting component is.

On the wikis: