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This page serves as a point of coordination between article writers. It lists the most important topics of the week so that these topics will receive some attention. As you see patterns in news events unfolding, please feel free to add to this list if you think that Wikinews should definitely be covering this topic.

This list should get re-evaluated on a weekly basis, keeping topics that are still relevant and dropping ones that are unlikely to be of primary interest.

Topics to Follow[edit]

For the week of January 3, 2005 through January 9, 2004, these are the topics that we should be covering.

Palestinian Elections[edit]

When: Sunday, Jan. 9 Where: Palestinean Terrotory

The first elections in Palestinian Territory happening this weekend. Many hope for the peace process to be restarted after likely win of candidate Abbas.

What to write about:

  • Before the election: Different candidates and their platforms
  • During the election: how it is going
  • After the election: who won, who lost, and why

For reference: Category:Elections, Category:Palestine

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Effects[edit]

When: ongoing, since Dec. 26 Where: Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, other countries affected

What to write about:

  • New aftershocks
  • Ongoing relief effort
    • Who's delivering aid? How is that effort going?
    • Who is pledging monetary aid? How much? Is it enough?
  • Countries outside the region whose citizens are missing: how are they affected?

Iraqi Violence[edit]

When: ongoing Where: throughout Iraq

Stability in the country is hard to foresee given the multitude of attacks on Iraqi government and U.S. forces on a nearly-daily basis.

What to write about:

  • the attacks

Iraqi Elections[edit]

When: before end of January Where: throughout Iraq

The country is still unstable, but the government (and the United States) are pushing for elections to be held no matter what by the end of the month of January.

What to write about:

  • speculation of postponing the elections
  • participation (or non-participation) by various political parties
  • as the elections get closer: the candidates for various positions

Ongoing Topics of Interest[edit]

For the week of January 3, 2005 through January 9, 2004, these are the topics that should be covered if they generate specific news.


  • Mars rovers exploring the planet, new findings every so often