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Template:Tri-Cities/New page Thanks for starting a new article! Here are some things to consider. See Wikinews:Writing an article for more information.

Important rules Important tags
  • Don't submit copyrighted work — this includes most websites, even if you cannot see a copyright notice, and includes both portions of text and entire articles.
  • Don't post articles containing only a link to a story on an external news site and no story text. Such pages are quickly deleted.
  • Don't post press releases or personal writings. Follow the neutral point of view policy.
  • Always cite your sources. All facts should be verifiable or traced to original reporting.
  • Make sure to categorize your articles using appropriate categories using the syntax [[Category:Name of Category]].

Templates or "tags" are crucial to the workflow of Wikinews. Some of the most important ones and their effects:

  • {{Original}} - Add this at the bottom of a page if you include original reporting, and leave a comment on the discussion page about what original reporting occurred.
  • {{Publish}} - Add this at the bottom of the page when you feel the article is ready. Stories without this tag will remain listed on Stories in development where others may or may not complete them. Don't expect others to complete your article.
  • {{source}} - For proper source citation. There's a link to insert this template below the edit box.


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