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Editors note: A New Newspaper For A New Year


From Thunderhead on 00:01, 29 December 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Wikinews' mission statement calls for Wikinews to "present up-to-date, relevant, newsworthy, and entertaining content without bias". Wikinews does that. It also calls for Wikinews to be a competition against large news sources like CNN and the Associated Press. We do that. So why the new Wikinews newspaper?

This newspaper will focus more on Wikinews / Wikimedia events, and be more of a competition for the Wikipedia Signpost than CNN or the AP. The Signpost currently dominates the Wikimedia news service, even more so than official Wikimedia sources, such as the official Wikimedia website. Wikinews aims to be one of the best news sources, and it is our goal to dessimate information quickly. Wikinews intends to be the leader in all news services, including that of Wikimedia.

So, to the Signpost, don't think of us as a major competitor. Think of us as a challenge. Personally, I love the Signpost. I use it quite often, and it's very resourceful. But in the last few days, with the recent debate among Wikipedia's inclusion of news content, I think Wikinews has the right to create a Wikimedia-based newsletter. So good luck, and we wish the best. But expect some tough competition coming up. Expect our best.